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$3000 CASH Prize At Loop Film + Music Conference 2017

$3000 CASH Prize At Loop Film + Music Conference 2017

Submissions open late April for showcase

With the 3rd Annual LOOP Film + Music Showcase coming up in September, the Indie Film Loop will be incorporating a filmmaking incentives program that will reward the top showcasing participants throughout the weekend a grand prize totaling up to $3000 In Cash! If you break it down, $2000 will be awarded to the Best Short Film screened and the remaining cash ($1000) will be split up between the winners of the other showcase categories from acting, SFX, music composing and others TBA. 

This is a great starting point because, as independent filmmakers, we are constantly searching for new opportunities and resources to help us create the stories that'll captivating audiences across the globe. But, as the Indie Film Loop looks to fuel creativity throughout the community, it will continue to build partnerships and bring on new sponsors as the goal is to reach a grand total of up to $20,000 or more in Cash & Prizes for 2017! 

So, keep checking back as things will surely evolve over the next few months. 

Submissions will start at the end of April so get your films, portfolios, demo reels and more ready as this is going to be a fun year!

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