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Trew Audio Atlanta

Audio Rental, Sales and Services

We are known for our personalized approach to serving our customers. We strive to be of genuine value to our clients by being an expert source of equipment, service and information, with the experience needed to help you make the best choices for your line of work – and still be there afterwards, willing and able to answer your questions. So, while we are dedicated to being conscious of your costs, being your best overall value is always our top priority. That’s the source of our pride, the reason for our growth and our constant commitment to our customers.
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Types Of Vendors Services & Product In Our Program For Membership

*Our current list of vendors are being finalized and are subject to change

  • Equipment Rentals & Sales
  • Festivals & Conferences
  • Stunt Services
  • Educational Services
  • SFX Makeup Products
  • Wardrobe & Costumes
  • Drone Services
  • Castings
  • Marketing
  • Studios
  • More!

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