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Featured Event

Posted: May 10, 2017

CASTINGS CALL: Steal The Moment (Leads)

Lead Roles

From the Writer / Director of "INOVITE" (short film here: ) DTrundle has crafted a dramatic love...
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Posted: Apr 18, 2017

Be Part Of The 48 Hour Tribute Video For Paula & Gabe

Come and give your 48HFP...

we will be capturing video testimonials, experiences, quotes and more from everyone in...
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Posted: Apr 18, 2017

Get Your 48HFP Team Sponsored In Atlanta For 2017!

The Indie Film Loop Is Back...

We are excited to say that, for Atlanta's 48 Hour Film Project this year, the Indie FIlm Loop...
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Posted: Apr 7, 2017

Atlanta's 48 Hour Film Project Thanks To Paula & Gabe

Looking Back As 2017 Rolls...

Paula and Gabe's dedication to building a vibrant film community has been amazing to watch these...
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Posted: Apr 6, 2017

$3000 CASH Prize At Loop Film + Music Conference 2017

Submissions open late April...

With the 3rd Annual LOOP Film + Music Showcase coming up in September, the Indie Film Loop will...
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Posted: Mar 3, 2017

PAID CASTING CALL: "No Girlfriends Allowed" Original Series

Atlanta, GA

Please submit your demo reels and/or monologue videos, resumes, and head-shots for the...
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